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Financial Planning

Financial Planning begins with a thorough evaluation of the individual's current financial situation and future expectations. The Advisors at Seven Fields Wealth Management will assess your long-term goals and create a strategy for accomplishing them that reflects your personal and family situation, risk tolerance, and future expectations.

Retirement Planning : Focusing on achieving the retirement income you will need. We evaluate factors like planning the timing of Social Security, making Medicare and other health insurance decisions, tax planning during retirement, and combating longevity risk.

Income Assessment : Know where your money is going. How much is needed for necessities and what is available to save and invest.

Education Planning : Helping families to plan for the needs of their children

Tax Strategies : Discover ways to reduce current and future tax liabilities

Investment Management

Portfolios are designed to achieve our clients goals and implement a wide range of investment products from Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds to ETF’s, Structured Notes and annuities. Each portfolio is targeted to the client it serves. Each investment goes through a due dilligence process including initial screening, analysis and ongoing monitoring.

Asset Allocation

Portfolio Construction

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis


We navigate the often complex world of insurance planning. Our specialist in Life, Long Term Care, Medicare and more review each clients situation thoroughly.

Life: Term, Whole, Universal, Variable, Permanent

Long Term Care



Business Services

No two businesses are the same and we are proud to be a trusted partner for many local businesses and business owners. We begin by understanding your business. Our experts will develop a plan to help you and your business achieve your personal and professional financial goals.

Legacy and Business Succession

Employee Services (401k, 403b, and much more)

Business Investment Strategies

Estate Planning

Make arrangements for the ones you love. Inheritance laws are constantly changing. We will keep you and your plan up to date with he current estate and inheritance protections in place
A partner for your estate attorney

Tax strategies


Protection from 3rd parties